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Farewell to Reg 

Sadly, Reg Waywell (Doctor of Fine Art) died in the ICU of the Warrington Hospital at 11am on the 8th of October 2019 of what was thought to be a severe case of Viral Pneumonia (before they knew what Covid 19 was) . He had his family with him during his short illness and stay in Hospital. Many thanks are given to the Doctors Nurses and Staff for their exceptional level of care. 

Reg was always very grateful especially to the local people of Warrington for admiring his art work and for supporting him by attending his last exhibition.

Many people living in Warrington and elsewhere own a Waywell painting and as there will be no more they will have now increased in their value and rarity. Most of his work he just gave away to the people who he liked. Making money was never of any interest to him as he was content with what he had in life and it is artists like this who never become as famous as the artists who are or were money orientated. Reg simply painted what he wanted to, when he wanted to, he was under no pressure and he was able to keep his hobby separate from his working life.

Reg lived to be 95 which is a good innings for a man and he was the oldest male Waywell in his family’s history. He had a real zest for life and for the arts and he was often seen walking for miles around Warrington the town that he loved with his sketchbook and pencils never far away, just hoping to catch something of interest.

He had a very good and happy life and he died peacefully with his loving family around him…. but this is not the end of the story as his art will live on and will become more and more revered and appreciated.

Rest in Peace Reg and thank you for your magnificent contribution to the art world.

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